Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Jaguar XJ falls to BMW 7-Series Syndrome

There's amazing about a Jaguar. It's often the auto of the world's mainly interesting man, or at slightest the Equalizer. They always looked about the identical and always assumed that the driver was the manner of guy to always be dressed in a suit and habitually pack a gun.

The new JK looks a lot similar to the newest, slopy-backed Audi A6 and even more, particularly from the backside, like the Citroen C6. The man driving this new Jaguar JK could be an accountant, a dentist, and a perpetrated of Medi-Cal deception or even a female! 

It’s similar to the BMW 7 Series. The older, squarer big vehicle was minimalist, purposeful and single-minded - it was wonderful as the luminary in the icon of manly exclusiveness that was the BMW 7 Series went way outside loosening the bow-tie it bulged and smoothed.